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The solution to manage
your crypto-assets

Discover Algo Alto, the digital asset trading expert, specializing in optimizing your investments thanks to cutting-edge algorithms and the conviction of our managers. Our services offer you a rigorous and reliable approach to achieve performance that exceeds your expectations.

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Algo Alto specializes in designing algorithmic and quantitative investment strategies dedicated to digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Stocks

Management mandate

We use robot traders and powerful algorithms to maximize the profitability of our portfolios invested entirely in digital assets. Our approach is based on quantitative trading strategies, the conviction of our managers and the support of our financial research.


Tailor-made solutions

We understand that each client has specific needs and goals. This is why we offer Plug & Play solutions with the provision of dedicated quantitative strategies, trading algorithms and the use of robots allowing their executions.

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Financial research

We have a Research team that collects and analyzes economic and financial data from across the web3 sphere in order to select the most relevant digital assets. We publish, for our clients, market analyzes and personalized studies on tokens and new protocols.

The team

Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists, each with more than 5 years of experience in the field of digital assets with in-depth knowledge of current regulations. Their comprehensive expertise guarantees excellent customer service and rigorous management of your investments.

Our team of experts is on hand to answer your questions and support you throughout your investment journey.

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